Whale watching

If you come to the Azores looking for a really intense experience and closeness to nature, then we leave here some contact suggestions.

Norberto Diver

Norberto Diver was born in 1996 and was the first company to engage in tourist activities connected with the sea on Faial Island. With extensive experience in whale watching, this company offers you the possibility of swimming with dolphins and scuba diving. It also makes a special boat trip, which includes a visit by the sea to the 3 islands of the triangle (Faial, Pico and São Jorge).

This company also organizes some special dives, provided by our privileged location, such as: diving with mantas, “giant” lilies and other pelagic fishes, with sharks and even diving in hydrothermal waters.

There are also well-known visits to Pico, so you can taste the delicious fish broth, accompanied by a glass of red wine from the island.

Dive Azores

The Dive Azores, as well as the Noberto Diver, also organize trips for whale watching, dolphin diving and scuba diving. It also offers the possibility to perform the magnificent and unique dive with jamantas and an intense experience of diving with sharks!


The Hortacetáceos, besides organizing tours for whale watching and swimming with dolphins, also offers the possibility of adding to your package a Jeep tour around the island.

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