Trails on the island


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Difficulty: Easy | Extension: 7 km | Average time: 2h30

The trail starts at the existing viewpoint and runs along the perimeter of Caldeira, a crater of an ancient volcano with a diameter of about 2 km and an average depth of 400 m.

Dez Vulcões

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Difficulty: Medium | Extension: 20 km | Average time: 7h

This trail begins at the Miradouro da Caldeira and ends at the Capelinhos Volcano. Runs through 10 major volcanoes responsible for the formation of Capelo Peninsula, passing several important local geology, flora and fauna of Faial.


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Difficulty: Easy | Extension: 4,5 km | Average time: 2h30

This is a trail that develops along existing channels of water collection coming from various parts of the island. It is a very pleasant trail thanks to the freshness of the shadows, the water of the Levadas and landscapes.

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