How to get here

Faial island, like the other islands, has an airport, Horta Airport (HOR), with connections to the other islands and direct flights with Lisbon.

The fastest and easiest way to travel to us will be through Azores Airlines, which direct connections from Lisbon.

However, if you travel in companies such as TAP Portugal, Air Berlin, Ryanair and Easyjet, you should stop in the islands of São Miguel or Terceira and then travel with SATA-Air Açores to Faial, the airline that connects all the islands of the Azores.

If you bought a ticket from the Portuguese Mainland, you can benefit from a free routing, that is, you may not pay for the connecting flight. To do this, you should make an inquire to SATA – Air Açores about the free routing service for passengers traveling between islands in the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

If you come from the islands of Pico or São Jorge, you can travel on one of ATLÂNTICOLINE’s ships. The trip to Sao Jorge (Velas) – Faial (Horta) takes about 2 hours, while the trip Pico (Madalena) to Faial (Horta) takes about 30 min. These ships also offer the possibility of transporting the cars.

Between the months of May and September, ATLÂNTICOLINE also makes connections between all the islands of the Azores.

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