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Vila Odette is located in the city of Horta, in Faial Island of the archipelago of the Azores.

The property with an area of 6000 m2, was a nineteenth century orange farm, and it sits just above the gardens and buildings of the Regional Parliament and of the old Telegraph Cable Companies of the early twentieth century.

The estate is occupied by three buildings: The main house, where the owners live, and an apartment in the ground floor, and two other houses for lodging, the Farmer’s House and a Bungalow.

The garden, with its vast area, configures an unique green open space in the mid height the city’s natural slope, and it ables you to have great open views from either the exterior or de interior of the houses, facing the magnificent island of Pico poised over the Atlantic, the Channel between the two islands, and Faial’s harbor, with its typical movement of yachts docking to one of the world’s most frequent marina.

It’s a quiet spot where you can have pleasurable moments in privacy, being at the same time near to the urban center, the market, the restaurants, the beaches and the harbor.

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