Almoxarife beach

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Located in the village of Almoxarife Beach, about a 10-minute drive from Vila Odette, this is one of the best bathing spots on the island. A clean beach with very black sand that contrasts with the white foam of the sea. The atmosphere is very calm, the temperature of the water can reach 25ºC during the month of August and we can see from any point the Pico island. Next to the beach there is also a café and a restaurant. It has changing rooms and is watched.

Porto Pim beach

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This is the most frequented beach of Faial Island, located within the city (about 17 minutes walk from Vila Odette), in the bay of Porto Pim. The sand is a little lighter than that of Almoxarife Beach, the water usually warmer and shallow, ideal for carrying children.

Within its area of coverage, there is the Baleia Factory, one of the most relevant testimonies of the industrial past of the island of Faial and which is now an interpretive center of the old Azorean whaling activity.

Next to this beach there are several restaurants, cafes and bars. It is also a guarded beach.

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